Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oral doesn't count huh? Ok.

Okay so....

I may be late with this story but that's because I don't actually watch the Braxton reality show...whatever it's called. Not my thing. I just happened upon this gossip type news from another web-site while reading something a bit more pertinent to my interest.
Anyway, let me first start by saying: I don't think she's a slut and could care less. I mean, she could be. Who knows. I don't know her. I haven't slept with her and as far as I can recall, she's never blown me. Which...brings me to the point of this quick blog entry.
When asked about why she performed oral sex on some random dude outside of her marriage, Ms. Braxton says:

" It wasn’t about getting back. It was about my own self-esteem."

? Okay ? So.......self esteem yeah? She wanted to see if another man would want her to blow him? See if she still "had it", could get a man aroused? Or, she wanted to see if she still had the SUPER HEAD skills to get another man off other than her husband?

Continuing.....She says the following:

“Honestly, Auntie Jamie, I’m one of those people, I don’t have but so many notches on my belt. When it comes down to it, numbers mean a lot to me, and I’ve never been the type of woman to spread myself thin and let every Tom, Dick and Harry—or every Tom’s hairy d*ck—to associate with me and my body; not to sound vulgar. 
I don’t allow that with my body; I just don’t. I do not. I did not, and I will not.”

? Okay...again ?

So....based on that...and I'm just....curious here.....Not to sound vulgar....She doesn't have too many notches on her belt and doesn't want to add any more...(belt being, below the belt and inside her) BUT....her mouth is a different story yeah? So....on that premise.....she may have had a WHOLE lotta penis..(sorry to my conservative fam and friends reading) in her mouth and that's no issue! ? ?! So "Tom, Dick, Harry and whoever are free to get off in her throat and that doesn't count toward the "notches" thing yeah? Wow...how's that for "Braxton Family Values" yeah?!

See...this is just curious to me because ....and allow me to be perfectly frank..I mean CHARLES here: I've always been of the thought that most black women (yes, I'm making this a race thing)....would prefer to have full on sex rather than put lips to stick. Just my thought. This is a stereotype I've heard and have had experience with. Black women swearing that oral/giving head.....is faaarrrr more personal and not something they do to just any and everyone. Only someone they love or are truly feeling. (Although, I've heard that whole speech and still ended up receiving oral....fun) Hell, I'm not even disagreeing with them. Kind of don't want to think a woman you're with has been putting too much in her mouth. Like to think she's had some discretion yeah?

Ladies....please.....if I'm wrong.....shout me out. Fellas, am I right? Have you heard this?

Anyway.....I couldn't help but post up on the subject when I read this. I just find some of it....weird and disturbing. Not judging her, just pointing out the obvious that her sexual/moral logic meter is kind of....off.

One more thing:

I wonder what percentage of men would be more pissed that she blew another man vs. actually just having sex. ? I mean, if we go with the whole 'oral is much more persona, sacred" thing...well then.....she really violated yeah?
Oh, keep in mind....I'm not faulting her for her extamarital oral exploits. Her husband apparently had it coming. Then again....so did the other guy!

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