Friday, May 4, 2012

Are they all supposed to be...immortal?

Saw Avengers. A bit...overdone and...somewhat ridiculous is what it is yeah?  To it's credit though,  I guess it's hard not to be overdone.  I mean, it's a movie dealing with 4 super heroes yeah? (I'm not counting the bow and arrow dude or the gorgeous Scarlett Johanson character as super heroes)  Great special effects and definitely some hilarious moments here and there.  

Now,  I'm not a comic book/super hero guy....So, perhaps someone can help me with what may be a few silly questions:

1. The dude with the bow and arrow....he's just...a dude with a bow and arrow yeah? Very good with it but powers, no super strength or anything right?

2. Why does Captain America bother with the mask? His identity isn't a secret right?

3. How does Hulk's pants expand at the waist to fit him when he goes from Banner to Hulk? And how do they always end up purple no matter what color pants Banner is wearing?

4. Nick Fury? Perhaps we haven't seen the best of him yet but..he's just a regular dude too yeah? Supposed to be "badd ass" I imagine with the long leather coat and eye patch but....seems like he was just a dude with a little gun and not very....bad ass at all. Even with Sam Jackson playin' him.  I mean damn, Jules Winfield was more bad ass than Nick.

Anyway,  I'm looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises.  Now there's a series very well crafted and quite entertaining on all levels.