Sunday, January 5, 2014

DAILY DOSE: JUICING!  It's all the rage yeah?  One of those trends it seems that a bunch will try or swear they're going to try to start doing at some point.  I get people asking me about it and I see plenty others posting on it or talking about it on social media sites.  That said, just wanted to quickly put a couple of things out there for all to provide clarity:

First,  there's a difference between "blending" vs "juicing."  Example: A Viatmix is a blender, not a juicer.  Same thing with Nutribullet.  What these are good for is making smoothies.  These machines take whatever you throw in them and mix it up to a pulp and that's that.  A JUICER, juices. What it does is EXTRACT the juice from whatever you put in it (kale, beets, celery for example)...and that's it.  Just the pure, nutrient dense juice.  Now, what are the differences and why bother with one vs the other?  Juice from a juicer is stripped of fiber for the most part.  It's straight juice which is instantly absorbed by your system because it requires no digestion!  A straight shot of nutrients right to your body!  A smoothie from a blender, contains the fiber of the vegetable/fruit you blended.  You have to digest that and the time for the nutrients to actually impact your system takes longer.

So, that's the basics of it.  Is one better than the other?  No. The decision should be based on what your goal is and why you're doing it to begin with.  If you want to feel full and make some sort of meal replacement drink,  go with a smoothie.   If you want a dose of pure nutrition, don't mind feeling hungry after and don't want to deal with digestion at all,  go with juice.  One thing to keep in mind for the most part,  you really want to limit juicing to vegetables as opposed to a bunch of fruit.  Save the fruit for smoothies.  Reason is,  when you juice a bunch of fruit,  you're essentially getting a straight shot of all the sugar to your system.  Not a good thing.   You can add some fruit to your vegetable smoothies e.g.  green apple with kale to sweeten a bit.  Also,  if  you're juicing, remember that you're losing the fiber so,  be sure that you're getting your recommended fiber amounts from other sources.

Bottom line, they're both healthy and both have their place.  Just helps to have some idea what the differences are.  Most important though, it's all a matter of preference and each person will find what works for them best.  We use a blender for the fun stuff/smoothie type of things and the  juicer for our juice.

 Hope this has shed some light and helped some.  That's my juicer there in the pic, the Omega 8006 and it is AWESOME!  Highly rated/recommended and absolutely insanely easy to clean which is a HUGE plus!   For more info on that or anything else juice related including recipes....hit me up!