Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The non-glamour nudes!

I see a lot of work out there with very attractive women/models. I see a lot of great work being done and creative concepts. Many with talented make up artists and stylists. Many using Photoshop to create dazzling efx, backgrounds and dynamic looks. I see a lot of the typical..."booty" stuff as well. Some gorgeous women with lovely...ASSets and such being shot in bikinis, thongs, towels, etc. Usually bent over cars, standing on a brick wall or seductively posed on a couch, bed or random studio wall. Problem is, after some time, you can only look at those images for so long before you realize that they're all pretty much the same. Even if the model is different and the post processing fx or styling in the shoot is a bit different. We tend to look at the woman's body and size her up without actually getting a sense of the purity and essence of the female form in it's truly romantic state. They're usually all about the "booty" and no matter how fine the woman is or how seductively posed she is, the shots lack...the "beauty!" This shoot for the Pirelli Calendar with Mario Sorrenti as photographer captures the loveliness and divine beauty of women without having to do anything extreme. The nudity doesn't overwhelm the images to the point where all you see is...ass, breasts or whatever. You see the entire image as gorgeous. The natural setting in Corsica of course helps. I haven't shot (officially, since becoming a professional) any nude women or bikini, booty type of stuff. I would welcome the opportunity if the right model(s) come my way and only if I can be sure enough of myself to create images that will last beyond the first saliva inducing glance of the model and her...ASSets. I have had opportunities to shoot some lovely, luscious models in those SMOOTH MAGAZINE, EYE CANDY type settings. I haven't done so yet. It wouldn't be a hard job to shoot a bootylicious model in studio, or lying on a bed, chaise lounge or standing in a shower pressed up against a wall. But I simply wouldn't see the point. I'd love to shoot something sexy that forces the viewer of the image to not only see the obvious in the image, but to take the whole composition and admire it in it's entirety.

You can view the behind the scenes video of the calendar shoot below:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 10 Sexiest women of all time! All time?

Well, it's that time of year again when many publications, organizations and assorted media outlets put out their "top 10" lists. (No, nothing like David Letterman's lists.) In fact, some of these lists go well beyond top ten. There are top fifty as well as top 100. The more familiar lists include albums, artists, books and movies. People magazine, being one of the more notable magazines has made it their annual ritual to name the "fifty sexiest" or "most beautiful" people in the world. Recently, I responded to a friend's Facebook post which stated: "I don't want to be sexy, I want to be beautiful." To which my response was: "Trick is to be both. Beautiful is a result of good dna and good energy from within. how you handle that beauty and is a state of being." She, and a bunch of others agreed. Well, getting back to the lists, this morning, I happened to hear that Men's Health magazine published their "Top 10 Sexiest Women of All Time" list. That's ALL TIME! Now, for the most part, I could care less. But seeing as how they were taking the time to make this "Sexiest of ALL TIME" I just HAD to know who made the list and whether or not I would agree. (even if the ranking was different than my own.)
The news only showed the top 5 as follows:

5. Madonna
4. Britney Spears
3. Marilyn Monroe
2. Raquel Welch
1. Jennifer Aniston

Really? I mean...wait.....REALLY? Now, I've got nothing against Jennifer Aniston but, sexiest of ALL TIME? Men's Health backed up their ridiculous ranking by suggesting Jennifer's sense of humor and down to earth persona make Well, I'll admit, those can be sexy qualities in a woman. Me personally, I find intelligence to be extremely sexy. However, I've met some very intelligent women who just weren' My point here is that while Jennifer is an attractive woman and has some qualities that some men may find sexy, she's far from actually being truly, overall SEXY! In fact, she's probably the furthest thing from most people's mind when they think of sexy. In my book, when you say sexy, especially sexiest...of ALL TIME.... you're talking about those women who have smoking great looks, usually accompanied by great bodies and that...special...WOW, IT factor that just has both men and women mesmerized. Add to the looks, a way of talking that just ignites forest fires and can simultaneously melt icebergs. A style that just captivates. A sensual way of moving which begs you to follow their every gesture. And, of course, an inner confidence and strength that fortifies their physical appearance and feminine beauty.
Sexy doesn't always mean the most beautiful. But it certainly doesn't even come close to our...Friend.....Jennifer. But hey, beauty/ in the eye of the beholder yeah?

"Sexy is as sexy does!" Each person's version of sexy is definitely going to be different.

Here's my list: (In no order.... really)

  1. Rihanna
  2. Raquel Welch
  3. Pam Grier
  4. Monica Belluci
  5. Salma Hayek
  6. Naomi Campbell
  7. Lisa Nicole Carson (hey, remember, this is MY list!)
  8. Kim Kardashian (just forget the fact that you hate her for not really being talented or not.)
  9. Naomi Campbell
  10. Dorothy Dandridge