Thursday, April 23, 2009


In keeping with my blog theme of..."Whatever, whenever" the following are shots of a pair of jeans I created a few years back. For obvious reasons, they've been dubbed my "POLLOCK PANTS!" My original intent was to simply paint a pair of denims in a way that would look..."natural!" You know, pseudo painted on pants which would imply "Hey, I was painting a house, had these jeans on and ooopss...they're pretty cool now!" LMAO!!!
(For real...that was a fashion thing for a minute...maybe still is!)
Moving right along...I was working on a painting at the time and just decided to screw around with this pair of jeans. One thing led to another and next thing you know, I was splashing colors about and creating a mess.
I've seen some painted jeans on sale...running anywhere from $200-$500! I've been offered money for them and it was suggested that these could fetch a decent price.

These can be had by the highest bidder- Reserve price starting at....


Just kiddin'....(Unless you really want them!!)
(Hey, have you seen some of the shyt they pawn off as art these days and what people will pay for it!!!?)

They're currently on display at the SANABRIA-SKAAR art gallery located in Princeton N.J. The exhibit, which also includes random painted kitchen appliances and various sketches by my 2 year old... runs from now until my wife makes me take them off of the gallery wall! (better hurry!)



  1. Ooooooh, You should do a whole collection of these and make some hot shorts for women and put cuts in them:) You would make 1000's!

  2. Thanks! I had some offers back when I first did them. A few people were interested and expressed interest but...I never actually had intentions on making more and selling them.