Saturday, May 16, 2009

All about "Uhura!"

This is simply a quick "review" of sorts on Paramount pictures latest film version of the cult television classic show STAR TREK! First and foremost let me preface my opinion by stating that I was never a Trekky! I grew up a HUGE Star Wars fan which sort of pre-disposed me to a natural opposition to the Star Trek culture. It was STAR WARS vs. STAR TREK! I rarely knew anyone who was gung ho about both in equal amounts.
Now because I wasn't a Trekky, that doesn't mean I didn't get into the show here and there. I was a natural science fiction fan so of course a show about a ship full of people exploring the galaxy would appeal to me. As did Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Space 1999 and a few other campy space shows. Out of those few, Star Trek would definitely be the top favorite. As for the first set of films released back in the eighties...I NEVER got into any of them. I saw the first two but really don't recall either of them. As for the numerous television shows that followed, I may have watched a few episodes of DEEP SPACE NINE but wasn't a huge fan of any.

2009's Star Trek is a precursor to the original story line accounting for the history and origins of most of the Enterprise crew including James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy ("Bones") and of course the iconic pointy eared Vulcan genius, Spock. We get a glimpse into their years as adolescents, right up to their admission into the Star Fleet academy. For people who are definitely familiar with the characters, this is a fun and revealing look at their classic personalities and how they all became connected.
The film is visually entertaining and well paced. But more important and critical to the success of the film, the acting was truly great. Chris Pine as young Capt. Kirk nailed the role as a wise cracking, skirt chasing, sometimes arrogant more often rightfully confident young man with a lot on his shoulders. Karl Urban as the young Dr. Leonard McCoy was superb and probably the best actor in the cast. While Zachary Pinto as Spock held down the Vulcan seriousness and stoic look in a way that would make the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy proud. (Leonard Nimoy actually plays a part in the film). Rounding out the cast of characters of course is Scotty, Sulu, Chekov and of course...Uhura!!
Quick note on Uhura: As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't a die hard fanatic of the show. However, one of the MAIN reasons I did watch was to see Uhura, at the time played by actress Nichelle Nichols! Goodness! I'm pretty sure she was one of my very FIRST crushes! The role is filled this time by Zoe Sardona. While not as fantasy arousing gorgeous as Nichelle Nichols, she does do a rather mesmerizing job with the role and definitely sets off some fire as a young, beautiful and ridiculously intelligent linguist who must "Have a great tongue" as Kirk implies in the movie.
She wears the uniform VERY well and the quick scene where she undresses down to her underwear will surely create a whole new fan base for her!!
Oh, and let me not forget the excellent performance of Eric Bana as the evil Romulin Nero. The role in the hands of a less seasoned and talented performer would have just come off as boring and overplayed. Bana does a fine job portraying an angry, hell bent on revenge bad guy with a serious ax to grind!
So....Overall, great cast, great story line and a wonderful "new beginning" for the forty some odd year old story!


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