Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shame on the media!

Why on earth is MSNBC and a host of other news/media networks covering FORMER vice president "DICK" Cheney's pathetic speech at this hour while our ACTUAL, REAL PRESIDENT, OBAMA is giving a speech as well!? I have to get a little up in arms over the media every so often. MSNBC had been covering Obama's speech meant to provide details on the numerous reforms, initiatives and bills he's putting into place primarily surrounding Guantanamo Bay and "enhanced interrogation" (torture!) techniques. Roughly twenty minutes into Obama's speech, they cut coverage and began broadcasting DICK's speech! HE'S THE FORMER VP!! Let this guy go play golf, hunt, fish or....even better....DIE!!! Either that, or lock his crotchety old ass up for the crimes he has committed against this country! FORMER----the PAST! The PREVIOUS! GET LOST!! GO AWAY! Why should our CURRENT president share the media or worry about debating and going "head to head" with a screw up from the previous administration!! At least dumb dumb (BUSH) is wise enough to keep himself out of the spotlight and disappear. He knows he was a moron, knows he's responsible for much of the current state of affairs. I think he's honestly just glad to be out of the way and alleviated of the responsibility.
DICK... is doing nothing more in his speech but bringing out the same old tired, Republican playbook that does nothing but talk about 911, terrorism and how much DANGER we're in......and how crucial it is for us to PROTECT ourselves and how OBAMA is somehow making us less safe! I guess I can't even blame DICK! I blame the media for letting him have any spotlight when he's nothing more than a has been. Retire his old ass to one of those celebrity reality shows and let him go toe to toe with one of the less successful Baldwin brothers or one of the Gary's---Gary Coleman or Gary Busey!!

(I was going to post a picture of DICK here...but decided against it! The fact that it's pissing me off enough to have to write about him and discuss him really bothers me and makes me almost as guilty as the media for showing him any attention!)


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